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The One Real Estate Marketing Strategy You Can't Afford to Ignore

Customers expressing their need for a product or service

Posted by: J.Y. Monk Real Estate School
Updated: December 18, 2017

How do you create the most effective marketing portfolio possible for your real estate business? You need to make your marketing materials valuable. Ideally, your marketing materials are so valuable that people would pay for them. How does that happen? It may make you change your whole view on how you see marketing.

Traditionally, marketing in real estate could be summed up as: Look at this shiny new object! Buy what we’re selling! This just isn’t as effective anymore. Consumers are becoming more aware of blatant marketing and they almost automatically block out that noise. Now, marketers are realizing that the best way to create a positive image in the customer’s eye is by providing value to them. This leads to the defining principle...

Market your business based on what the consumer wants, not just what you want to show them.

This means thinking from the perspective of your target customer. What are they looking for? What questions do they have? What are their pain points? By focusing your marketing efforts from this point of view, you solve those pain points, you answer those questions, and you help them find what they’re looking for. When you do this, you build trust and rapport with them. Your brand is recognized and at the top of their mind when they’re looking to buy a house.

How Do You Do This in Your Business?

Your target customers are probably full of questions about home buying and selling. As a real estate broker, the nature of your license gives you expertise in just that. By proactively giving them answers to questions they may not have even thought about, you enable them to help themselves, giving your brand a good reputation as being helpful. You can use different ways to share information, whether it be a column in your weekly paper, a live webinar, blogs that get shared on social media, or live information sessions.

Try to focus more on the “who, what, and why” of marketing rather than the “how.” The more you focus on being a valuable resource for your potential buyers and sellers, the more you are able to build a relationship with them.

But What About Lead Generation?

Now, focusing on customer needs does not change the fact that a main priority in marketing is to generate leads. Focusing your marketing on the customer can actually give you the opportunity to better qualify your leads and to interact with them on a more personal basis. Say you hosted a live Q&A session about things to consider before you decide to sell your home. During the session, you would have a sign-in for all guests. After that session, you could follow up with the attendees by sending out emails with additional tips to consider when selling a home. By doing this, you are sending out a targeted message to the right people, at the right time. This helps you keep your brand at the top of your potential customers’ minds when they begin the selling process.

Obviously, real estate brokers don’t have unlimited marketing budgets. Using traditional marketing tactics will always have a place as part of your marketing mix, but why not take the opportunity to create valuable material for your customers? Having content your target market wants to see is your opportunity to create long-term relationships, gather qualified leads, and promote the growth of your business, all while being cost efficient. Helping others, even though you may not see the financial reward immediately, will ultimately be a long-term asset.