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J.Y. Monk Prelicensing Policies and Procedures

The J.Y. Monk Commitment

When you choose J.Y. Monk as your licensing education provider, and attend and complete 100% of our 75-hour Prelicensing and Exam Prep courses, we will ensure your success with The J.Y. Monk Commitment. If you happen to fail your course licensing final, or state licensing exam, you can retake your J.Y. Monk licensing course for up to 6 months,free of charge. J.Y. Monk is committed to your success!

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you cancel prior to 72 hours before the first class begins, you will receive a complete refund. If you cancel within 72 hours of the start of the first class, we cannot give you a refund, but we will be happy to transfer your tuition fee to another course for one year.

Classroom Attendance Policy

State Law requires students to attend at least 80% of the Classroom Hours in order to get credit for the Broker Prelicensing Course. Students can be absent for a maximum of 15 hours of classroom time and still get credit for the course if they pass the Course Exam. Obviously, time missed in the classroom will hurt your chances of learning the material and passing the Course Exam.

Passing the Course Exam

Broker Prelicensing Course students must pass a 112 question Course Exam in order to receive a Certificate of Completion from J.Y. Monk Real Estate School and to qualify to take the State Licensing Exam. Our students must score 75% (84 correct answers out of 112 questions) in order to pass our Course Exam.

Retake Exams

State Law allows students who fail their Course Exam to take one Retake Exam. Some schools do not give their students a Retake Exam.

State Law requires students to complete their Course Exam and Retake Exam (if necessary) within 21 days of the last day of their course

We ALWAYS schedule a Retake Exam for our students approximately one to two weeks following our Course Exam. All of our students are given the opportunity to take the Retake Exam if necessary.

What Happens if I Do Not Pass?

Students who do not pass the Course Exam and the Retake Exam can repeat our Broker Prelicensing Course one time during the next 12 months for a $139.00 Administrative Fee. If you need to repeat our Broker Prelicensing Course, please call J.Y. Monk Real Estate School at 1-800-849-0932 with MC, Visa, Discover or AMEX and tell us that you wish to repeat the Course for a $139.00 Administrative Fee.

J.Y. Monk School Bulletin

The J.Y. Monk School Bulletin includes information about J.Y. Monk's providership and status as a school.