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How Do I Get my North Carolina Real Estate License?

Six Easy Steps to Obtaining Your North Carolina Real Estate Broker's License


1. Register with J.Y. Monk for the Required Education

In North Carolina, your required education comprises 75 credit hours—Real Estate Principles, Law of Agency, Law of Contracts, and Real Estate Law. We make it easy for you to complete your required licensing education in live classrooms throughout North Carolina. Simply choose the prelicensing course schedule and location that works for you!

2. Complete your Background Check

In order to apply for your real estate license, you must obtain a Criminal Record Check. During the prelicensing course with J.Y. Monk, your instructor will explain and guide you through this process.

3. Apply for Your License

After you successfully complete the required 75 hours of coursework and pass the course exam, you’ll need to fill out a State Licensing Application. Applications are available online at the NC Real Estate Commission website. You will also receive a hard copy in your J.Y. Monk prelicensing course.

4. Schedule Your North Carolina Licensing Exam

After applying for your license, you will receive your notice of examination eligibility from the Commission. Once you have your notice, you can schedule your State Licensing Exam with AMP, the state’s selected exam provider. You have three years from the date your application is filed to pass the examination.

5. Take the North Carolina State Licensing Exam

Set yourself up for success on exam day with our Exam Prep Course, free with your enrollment in our prelicensing course. The state exam is given electronically, and you will receive your results at the testing center immediately upon completion. After successfully passing the examination, you will be issued your Provisional Broker’s License.

6. Receive Your State License and Hang It with a Broker

Congratulations! You successfully completed all of the prelicensing requirements and have received your Provisional Broker’s License. In order to begin your career, you will need to work under the supervision of a licensed North Carolina Broker-in-Charge.