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Broker Postlicensing Courses

Broker Postlicensing Course

Real Estate students must complete the Broker Prelicensing Course successfully, pass the State Licensing Exam and actually hold a Broker License on “Provisional Status” before they are eligible to take the three 30 Hour Broker Postlicensing Courses- Broker Relationships & Responsibilities, Contracts & Closings, and Selected Topics. These 3 courses can be completed in any order.

Real estate licensees are required to complete the three Broker Postlicensing Courses within three years after receiving their original Broker License to remove the “Provisional Status”.


Complete 90-Hour Postlicensing Package
Enroll in ALL THREE Broker Postlicensing Courses for a total of $599 (includes Broker Manual). Call 800.849.0932 to order.

Individual Course Prices
Individual courses are $239, and include the required Broker Manual. Enroll by phone or online.
If you already have the manual, you can enroll by phone at 800.849.0932 for a discounted rate of $219.

Recent Student Discount
If you have registered for a J.Y. Monk Postlicensing course in the last 12 months and already have the Broker Manual, you can enroll in your next course(s) for only $180.

  • Attendance at one of our State Approved Broker Postlicensing Courses 
  • All Study Materials and Handouts used in the Course   
  • Your right to repeat our Postlicensing Course one time within 12 months completely free-of-charge if you do not pass

There are no hidden charges at the J.Y. Monk Real Estate School. Unlike some other North Carolina schools, J.Y. Monk includes all of the items above in your tuition fee.  

Broker Relationships & Responsibilities – 30 hours
This course includes a review of agency relationships in real estate sales transactions and a real estate broker's legal duties to clients and customers, as well as a step-by-step review and discussion of the functions and responsibilities of a real estate broker when working with residential sellers and buyers. It also covers issues associated with transactions in progress when a broker leaves a firm, as well as a review of license status and education issues. The course also details the laws and rules governing Broker Price Opinions, and brokers' related duties.

Contracts & Closings – 30 hours
Our Contracts & Closings course discusses all of the details associated with real estate contracts, closing procedures and statements, the broker's post-closing duties, agency relationship termination, and license status and education issues.

Selected Topics – 30 hours
The Selected Topics course covers a variety of issues that will prove valuable to North Carolina real estate brokers.

Visit our Broker Postlicensing Policies and Procedures page for more information on this course.