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Broker Prelicensing Courses

Broker Prelicensing Course | $449

Entering the real estate business is a great decision; attending JY Monk’s Broker Prelicensing Course is an even better one. Successfully completing this comprehensive 75-hour Broker Prelicensing Course satisfies your North Carolina education requirements.

New - The J.Y. Monk Commitment!

When you choose J.Y. Monk as your licensing education provider, and attend and complete 100% of our 75-hour Prelicensing and Exam Prep courses, we will ensure your success! If you fail your course licensing final, or state exam you can retake your licensing course for up to six months, free of charge.

This live classroom course combines solid industry fundamentals with the latest state-specific information students need to pass the North Carolina licensing exam. Based on the industry’s most recognized publication, Modern Real Estate Practice in North Carolina, and decades of classroom experience, this comprehensive course prepares you for your licensing exam and lays a solid foundation for a career in real estate.

Topics Include:
  • North Carolina license law, rules and regulations
  • Real property ownership and interests in real estate
  • General legal principles, theory and concepts
  • Appraisal theory and financial obligations
  • Real estate terminology
  • Agency, settlement
  • Finance and government oversight
  • Contracts and property management
  • The client/broker relationship

You are on a mission and your time is valuable - don’t waste it on unproven education providers or courses. Select your location in the upper right corner of this page to enroll in J.Y. Monk’s Prelicensing Course today!

Your $449 Tuition Includes:
  • North Carolina license law, rules and regulations
  • Broker Prelicensing Course
  • State-approved textbook
  • Custom J.Y. Monk Study Material
  • Review session prior to Course Exam
  • FREE access to Online Exam Prep Question Bank
  • Free Enrollment into our Exam Prep Course

North Carolina Real Estate AMP Exam Prep QBank
A $79 value, FREE of charge! Practice makes perfect, right? Success on exam day is all about confidence. Get the confidence you need through targeted practice using this valuable online study tool. The QBank contains hundreds of questions on both national and North Carolina-specific topics. Build customized exams and quizzes to test yourself on key concepts. The practice you need is available at your fingertips with the North Carolina Real Estate AMP Exam Prep QBank.

Free Exam Prep Enrollment
Students who enroll in our Broker Prelicensing Course may also attend our comprehensive, live Exam Prep Course, completely FREE of charge ($149 value).

J.Y. Monk’s Exam Prep Course offers you a dynamic final preparation for the North Carolina State Licensing Exam. This course is updated constantly to deliver the key facts needed to pass the Exam. A focused review of both the state and national exam content led by the industry’s best instructors will fully prepare you for success on exam day.

Each Prelicensing Course enrollment includes enrollment in a predetermined Exam Prep Course. If you are unable to attend the Exam Prep Course that is included with your enrollment, please call our office at 800.849.0932 to select and enroll in a different Exam Prep Course.


There are no hidden charges at the J.Y. Monk Real Estate School. Unlike some other North Carolina schools, J.Y. Monk includes all of the items above in your tuition fee.

Discount Qualifications
If you already have the state-approved prelicensing textbook, call our Administrative Office at 1-800-849-0932 from 9:00AM-5:00PM on Monday-Friday to receive a discounted tuition fee of $419 on your enrollment.

Visit our Broker Prelicensing Policies and Procedures page for more information on this course.